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What should I do? Images on my website are not displaying!

There are many reasons why images may not appear on your website. To be sure that the problem really comes from the site, make sure you actually see the latest version. To do this, start by clearing the cache of your web browser.

You should also disable your ad blockers or browser extensions, to make sure the problem is not related to your device. If the images are still not displayed after the cache has been removed and the other tools have been disabled, the problem may be related to the site configuration.

Here are some of the most common reasons that can cause the problem:

Images are not uploaded to the server: In some cases, the images have simply not been uploaded to the server. To make sure your images are saved correctly, go to your cPanel File Manager and verify that the files are there. If they are missing, simply download them.

Incorrect path or filename: The problem may be a URL and scan issue. It is therefore better to check that your HTML source code includes the correct path to the images. Moving your website or renaming folders can break links to certain files. You can use the inspection function of your browser items for this. Also, keep in mind that file names are sensitive to breakdowns. If your image file is named photo.jpg, and your source code identifies it as Photo.jpg, it will not display.

Incorrect File Permissions: The folder containing the images or the files themselves may have restricted permissions. In this case, you need to change the default values to allow the images to display.

Display errors: If the image is uploaded, the name and path are correct as well as permissions, check your site’s error messages. These can help further identify the problem by identifying its nature if it is related to PHP. If an error message is displayed, you will get more information to help identify the cause. You can also inspect the images on your browser to identify the source of the display error.

Updated on: 21/04/2023

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