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How to clear your web browser cache?

Web browsers use caching to allow web pages to load faster. However, this feature can sometimes cause some loading problems.

For example, your browser may display an outdated, non-actualized version of a website, because it loads a cached version. In this case, you can purge your browser cache to force it to load the content again.

Clear a Chrome, Firefox or Edge browser cache on a PC

Several web browsers have defined the same shortcut keys to simplify cache removal. Whether you use Chrome, Firefox or Edge, the key combination is the same. That is: CTRL + F5. Just open your browser and press both keys simultaneously to clear it in cache.

Clear Safari Browser Cache

As is often the case, Mac devices work a little differently. Safari has also included a keyboard shortcut for cache removal, but it is different and involves 3 keys rather than 2. This is**CMD** + ALT + E. Again, you must press the 3 keys simultaneously as the command works.

Updated on: 25/04/2023

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