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What is the conversion rate?

The concept of web conversion

A website conversion refers to any action taken by a user of your site, whether you want them to take. We can think of any action pushing them further into a sales tunnel, for example. This may also include filling out a contact form, clicking on a call to action button, or purchasing a product from your store.

Conversion rates for different pages on the same site usually measure different conversion units. For example, the blog section can measure article reading, while the contact page can measure the use of a form.

The conversion rate of a website

The conversion rate is an indicator that measures the percentage of page visitors who perform the desired action. For example, if 10 people visit a web page and only one fills out a form, the page conversion rate would be 10%.

Many factors have an impact on conversion rates. The most important are user experience, website design, content quality, and added value. A good conversion rate should be a goal for all websites, as it increases sales and interactions.

It is possible to track the conversion rate of your website with Google Analytics. The data provided will tell you how many users have visited your pages, how many have taken the desired actions, and what is the conversion rate of each of your pages.

Updated on: 22/03/2023

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