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What is a CNAME Record?

CNAME records

The term CNAME is simply an abbreviation for Canonical name. A CNAMErecord refers to a type of registration in a domain name system (DNS). It is used to associate an alias to a domain name.

A CNAME record is usually linked to a subdomain and is used as an alternative to an A record.

A CNAME record points to the root domain of a website, while a A record indicates the IP address of a domain name. A record CNAME is particularly useful if the same website has many subdomains.

In this case, if a website owner decides by exemple to change the root domain name, it will not need to change all subdomains. As the structure of the system does not change, the update is done automatically.

The canonical name mapped by CNAME record can be found anywhere in a DNS. It can be both local and stored on a remote server.

Updated on: 22/03/2023

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