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What is a Canonical URL?

The concept of canonical URLs

It is normal that the web pages of your website are accessible via several URLs. For example, visitors can access the same website by typing or simply

By designating a canonical URL, you dictate to the search engines the version of these addresses that they must consider primary and priority. This means that exploration robots will only focus on this URL. This prevents them from indexing the same page several times and penalizing your site for duplicating content.

If you do not designate a canonical URL, the search engines will do it for you. When exploration robots find multiple versions of the same page, they will try to identify which version offers the most complete set of information and define it as the canonical option.

If there are multiple URLs for a single page, then the canonical URL is the “preferred” version of the search engines. Designating a canonical URL is a good way to avoid duplicate pages and penalties in search results.

Updated on: 22/03/2023

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