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Which messaging protocol should I choose between POP and IMAP?

POP and IMAP are email protocols that you can use whenever you configure your email on an email program like Outlook, MacMail, etc. This article will help you decide which protocol is for your needs.

Difference between POP and IMAP

IMAP is perfect for multiple users who need to access the same email account or a user who needs to access emails from multiple locations.
POP3 is perfect for quickly downloading emails and reading them offline or on the go (even if you need to be online to respond to emails). POP3 is also a great way to save copies of your emails on your personal computer.

Should you use POP or IMAP?

Finally, you can decide what type of connection you want to use, POP or IMAP. Here are some scenarios that can help you choose the type of connection.

POP is better for:

Download and store a backup of your emails on a computer.
Avoid exceeding your mailbox limit.
Have the possibility to read your emails without being connected to the internet.

IMAP is better for:

Access emails from multiple devices.
Keeps all emails in your inbox
Allows you to use your smartphone or tablet to view your emails.
Your emails are deleted only when you do it manually.

Updated on: 22/03/2023

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