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What type of SSL certificate do I need?

There are several types of SSL certificates to choose from for your website. This article provides a brief description of the different types of SSL to help you determine which one best suits your needs.

Free SSL certificate

A Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate is included at no additional cost when you purchase an Ex2 hosting package. The https protocol is essential to get good results on search engines and not be discriminated against by Web browsers.

This is a global internet security issue, aimed at protecting websites. That’s why we offer free SSL with all our hosting plans.

However, this free certificate has some limitations. It does not allow online payments by credit or bank cards. If you want additional functionality, you need an SSL certificate with a higher level of validation.

SSL certificate validated by domain (DV)

A DV SSL certificate is installed directly on your domain name. It lets customers know that they are on the right site.

SSL certificates are suitable for e-commerce sites and for any other confidential data exchange between your website and its visitors.

Domain-validated SSL certificates are included by default with our e-commerce hosting offers. They are also available for purchase with any of our other web hosting packages. We offer Sectigo certificates that are validated certificates by domain from 39.99€ per year.

Extended Validation SSL (EV) Certificate

Extended validation certificates require much more information. However, they offer secure connections, verify the identity of the company and help prevent fraud. To do this, they use a comprehensive set of controls and validations.

This type of certificates is designed to provide a high security standard for visitors by authenticating the company behind the domain. The green HTTPS address bar is reserved exclusively for EV SSL certificates. It is used to assure users that they are interacting with a legitimate and verified company, using a secure domain.

These certificates are not offered by default with no accommodation plan and must be purchased separately.

Updated on: 21/03/2023

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