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How to force the renewal of your free SSL certificate?

Your free SSL Let’s Encrypt certificate should normally renew automatically every 3 months. However, there may be times when the process does not go as planned and the renewal must be started manually.

Fortunately, the forced reset can be done quickly and easily via the cPanel control panel.

The steps to force a free SSL certificate renewal

Log in to your cPanel account.

In the Security section of your control panel, click the SSL/TLS Status tool.

Make sure to enable automatic renewal next to the domain name whose SSL certificate you want to renew.

Next, click the Autorun SSL button to send a request to Let’s Encrypt for a new SSL certificate.

Let’s Encrypt SSL certificates are valid for a period of 3 months. They are however renewed automatically, as long as the location of your website and your domain do not change.

It can take up to an hour to install your new certificate. The delay varies, depending on the number of requests Let’s Encrypt is receiving the time.

Updated on: 20/04/2023

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