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How does a SSL Security Protocol Work?

The SSL security protocol makes it possible to set up a secure communication protocol between internet users and ex2 servers. The SSL protocol is therefore particularly interesting for securing transactions for merchant websites and online stores, to avoid any interception of information. Moreover, for maximum security when shopping on shopping sites, you should only use connections secured by SSL protocol.

How SSL Security Protocol Works

The SSL security protocol uses a certificate system, the SSL certificate verifies the identity of the secure website by means of the SSL protocol and provides the encryption keys so that the information exchanged can only be read by the client and by the commercial website.

So when you make a purchase on a shopping site secured by the SSL protocol, the following procedure is implemented:

The internet browser you are using asks the merchant site to identify itself, the merchant site's server then sends to your browser the SSL certificate, which includes a double key and the information necessary for identification.
The double key contained in the certificate is made up of a public key which will be shared with your browser and which will create the unique encryption key.
Following this sending, if your browser identifies the SSL certificate as valid, it sends a confirmation message to the server.
In response to this confirmation, the server sends a digital acknowledgment and initiates the start of the SSL session.

How to recognize a website that uses the SSL security protocol?

Before transmitting sensitive information over the network, you should absolutely verify that the website you are going to use is protected by SSL security protocol. Several information can allow you to effectively secure the website:

First, check if the site address begins with "HTTPS" instead of "HTTP".
Your browser displays the icon of a locked padlock or a full key, moreover by clicking on this icon you will be able to verify the use of SSL protocol.
The website may also display a trusted logo that comes from an SSL certificate provider. You can click on this logo for more information on the protection used by the site.

Do you really need to use SSL ?

If you are running a sales site or a commercial site, you obviously need to use SSL. But this measure can in fact be extended to all sites that store personal information since this protocol is the only way to provide a sufficient level of security to your users. So we can say that from the moment your site asks users to fill out a form, choose a password and offers a password protected area, you must use SSL.

Providing you with an SSL certificate for your marketplace or your commerce site will therefore allow you to benefit from a better return in terms of customer trust, loyalty, but also in terms of conversion rate. In addition, by using the SSL security protocol, you will benefit from increased security for your website.

How to get an SSL certificate for your website?

To take advantage of SSL security protocol by obtaining an SSL security certificate, read this tutorial: How to set up an SSL security protocol and a dedicated IP address?

Warning : To be able to install and use a secure SSL certificate, your website must be equipped with a unique IP address. However, if you don't already have a unique IP address you can very easily get one from your ex2 dashboard.

Updated on: 14/02/2023

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