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How do I get a premium SSL certificate from Ex2?

Ex2 offers you a multitude of options in terms of free and paid SSL certificates. If the free SSL certificates offered are not sufficient for your website’s needs, we certainly have the certificate you need.

Ex2 offers an advantageous promotion for online shops and other e-commerce sites that need an SSL DV certificate to enable online transactions. We offer a package including an SSL certificate validating your domain in addition to a dedicated IP. It can be added to any plan at the time of purchase by selecting it in the Additions section.

This promotion, like other paid SSL certificate options, can be activated at any time on your Ex2 hosting plan.

The steps to obtain a SSL DV certificate with dedicated IP on an existing Ex2 hosting

To get started, you must login to your account in the Ex2 Customer Center.

Then click on the services section to access the management of your accommodation.

From the menu on the right of the window, click Show available additions.

Select the add SSL Certificate + Dedicated IP Address and click the Add to Cart button

The steps to follow to get another SSL certificate paid for on Ex2 hosting

To begin, you must also login to your account in the Ex2 customer area.

From the menu on the left of your dashboard, open the Store section and click SSL Certificates.

Then choose the level of validation you are looking for to see what options are available for your website.

Select the right SSL certificate from our selection signed by Comodo, GeoTrust, RapidSSL and Symantec.

Updated on: 22/03/2023

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