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What is WHM?

The WHM management interface

WHM stands for Web Host Manager. It is a web interface for managing your web hosting account. WHM can be used to create accounts, change settings, install applications, and more. It is only available for managed VPS hosting plans or Ex2 dedicated servers.

This is a web interface that can be used by administrators to manage a server. It provides a graphical user interface to access, monitor and modify all aspects of a server and the sites it hosts.

This includes creating and managing websites, synchronizing email accounts, setting up DNS records, and much more. In addition, WHM can be used to view resource usage and monitor server performance.

WHM is therefore an essential tool for managing a server. Thanks to it, you can easily track the status of your server. This way you can make sure that it works properly and supports all websites associated with it.

Updated on: 22/03/2023

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