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What is Website Performance?

The concept of website performance

The notion of website performance generally refers to two things: its loading speed and its availability rate.

To be considered efficient, a site must load quickly, operate smoothly and suffer from few interruptions.

Having a good website is essential to generate traffic and get a good ranking in search results.

Many factors can affect the performance of a website. Some elements are of course the responsibility of your web host. At Ex2, the availability rate of servers is close to 100% and there is no limit on your bandwidth. Unless you have chosen an insufficient plan for your needs, you should not have any trouble on this side.

However, it is essential to optimize your site so that it loads as efficiently as possible. Most CMS and web editors automatically simplify and minimize your code.

In addition, if you use WordPress, a host of plugins also optimize the code. Using caching, compression and latency can also improve a site’s performance.

Many online tools can check the performance of a website. Examples include Google Pagespeed Insights, Pingdom and GTMetrix.

Updated on: 22/03/2023

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