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What is the WordPress functions.php file?

The functions.php file (or theme function file) is a template included in WordPress themes. The functions.php file behaves like a WordPress plugin, adding tools and features to a WordPress site.

The file activates automatically when you enable a WordPress theme. It uses PHP code to change the default features of the CMS or add new ones.

Editing functions.php with custom codes allows you to improve your site. You can add with taxonomies, shortcodes, item types, and more. For example, a theme can use the theme’s functions.php file to add a custom welcome message or a new widget area.

Functions.php vs WordPress Plugins

There are a number of advantages and disadvantages to using the functions.php file rather than a WordPress plugin. Here are some of the most notable differences.

A functions.php file:

May have many blocks of code used for different purposes
Does not require single header text
Stored in theme subdirectory in wp-content/themes
Only runs in the current theme directory.
Applies only to this theme (and becomes inactive when changing theme).

A WordPress plugin:

Requires specific and unique header text
Stored in wp-content/plugins (usually in a specific subdirectory)
Only runs when loading the page
Applies to all themes
Should have only one specific function (for example, offering SEO or caching functions)

Be careful when using the functions.php file

If you want to modify your functions.php file, remember to be very careful, for the following reasons:

Changes to the function file are lost each time the theme is updated.
Your changes are also lost if you change your WordPress theme.
Finally, making coding errors in the functions.php file can make your site inaccessible.

Making a coding error (even as simple as a missing semicolon) could cause the error known as Blank Screen of the mort and other errors. If you want to modify the functions.php file, it is strongly recommended to use a child theme.

The code extracts will only be used with the active child theme. You can then include excerpts from CSS style sheets, custom fonts or a translation tool for this specific child theme.

Updated on: 03/05/2023

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