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What is domain locking?

Locking domain names

Domain names can be locked, to protect them from unauthorized changes. This status can be given the name of «lock by the registry office», «prohibited client transfer» or similar terms. Terms may vary depending on the register in which the domain name is registered.

If your registrar does not allow you to unlock your domain name on your own, contact them to unlock it. If your registration office does not unlock the domain name or provide you with a reasonable method to unlock it within five days of your request, file a transfer complaint.

If you are unsure of your registry office, follow these steps:

Launch a Whois search at
Type your domain name in the “Whois Search” field. Mark the “Domain” option and then click the Submit button.
The name of the registry will be presented in the results.
A link to your registration office’s website can be found in the list of registrars accredited by ICANN.

The Registrar-to-Registrar Transfer Policy contains additional information on the locking of domain names and the transfer to other registration offices.

Updated on: 19/04/2023

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