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What is a website widget?

On a WordPress site, Widgets are a feature allowing you to add other features to your website. Widgets provide WordPress users with an easy way to control the content and design of their site without having to use code.

They can be configured by integrating blocks of code, simply to be copied and pasted on your web pages.

Where can I find website widgets?

By default, WordPress comes with a variety of widgets. These include a navigation menu, a search bar, your categories, a label cloud, a calendar, and more.

Widgets can be used to set up banner ads, social icons, an image or video, a registration form, and even a Help bubble in the bottom corner. You can also add additional widgets using plugins.

The placement areas of widgets your site depends on varies from one WordPress theme to another. They can include sidebars, header, footer and more.

Why use website widgets?

Website widgets are popular among small businesses offering access to customer support. A customer service widget allows users to communicate directly with you, quickly navigate your knowledge base, or find answers to their questions. These widgets reduce the volume of support requests.

In addition, widgets can help visitors navigate your site and encourage them to take various actions. For example, encourage them to follow you on social media or sign up for your email list. Thus, while improving the user experience, the use of widgets increases customer engagement and stimulates conversions and sales.

Updated on: 03/05/2023

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