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What is a Keyword?

The concept of keywords in SEO

Keywords are terms or phrases that define the content of a web page or article. They help search engines associate content with relevant research.

When a user types a query in a search engine, he looks for relevant results in relation to the terms used. Therefore, for a site to rank at the top of search results for a particular keyword, it must optimize its content for that keyword.

To do this, the keyword should appear regularly and naturally through its content. This can be in the titles of articles, subtitles, alternative text of images, etc. However, keywords repeated too often on a website can on the contrary harm its classification.

This practice is called keyword stuffing and must absolutely be avoided. It is considered by Google to be unethical and can be accompanied by SEO sanctions.

The keywords chosen should ideally combine a high monthly search volume with low competition. Long-tailed keywords (containing three or more words) are often more effective than shorter keywords. They are more accurate and less competitive, making them more advantageous to target.

Updated on: 22/03/2023

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