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How to migrate yourwebsite from your old web host to Ex2?

Here you will find all the information on the migration procedure if you wish to leave your current web host to come to Ex2. You will consistently perform a number of separate actions to ensure a fast and invisible client-side migration.

Summary of the procedure to follow to migrate yourwebsite from your old web host to Ex2

This section covers in detail all of the steps to replace your hosting provider. If you have experience (FTP, database manipulation), you can just follow these "short" guidelines. Otherwise you will find this procedure explained in detail below.

Subscribe to a hosting plan, if you also want to move your domain name, select transfer a domain name (and unlock it with your registrar, then request the transfer key).
Use your FTP account with your old web host to download all of your files.
Download all your databases (via your cPanel or phpmyadmin).
To migrate your primary domain, restore the data to your hosting account, in the "public_html" folder.
Generate a database and create an account that will be authorized to use this database.
Update the site configuration file if necessary to establish the current changes.
Make sure that there is a good match between your site and the temporary address indicated.
Reinstall your old mailboxes using the "email accounts" that are in the cPanel.
Modify the settings of your email software. (Outlook, Thunderbird)
Ask your old service provider to get you new DNS that point to our servers, and and within 24 hours the domain will be directed to your host.
Please check that everything is on and adjust from the start if necessary.
Submit a ticket for the transmission of your domain if necessary.

Updated on: 22/03/2023

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