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How to disable and Remove Cloudflare from your domain?

You can disable Cloudflare on your domain via

To minimize downtime, we recommended you to first change your domain nameservers from Cloudflare to your ex² nameservers.

Here's how to disable and Remove Cloudflare from your domain

Log into your client area [here](

In My Dashboard, click on Domains.

In the My Domains page, locate the domain you want to disable Cloudflare on. Click on the 3 dots and click on Manage Nameservers.

In the Managing page, under the Nameservers section, enable Use custom nameservers and replace the existing nameservers with the ex² nameservers.

Click the Change Nameservers button.

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Now that you have changed your nameservers to those of ex². Head on <>.

Log into your Cloudflare account.

Click the Home section and click on the domain that you want to disable Cloudflare.

Scroll down to the Advanced Actions section and click on Remove Site from Cloudflare.

Confirm that you want to delete Cloudflare by clicking on the Confirm button.

Congratulations, you have removed Cloudflare from your domain.

Updated on: 20/02/2023

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