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How to enable or disable Cloudflare Always Online™?

Did you ever notice that if your server goes offline, but Cloudflare keep serving your website? It's because of the Cloudflare Always Online™ feature. You can enable or disable this feature on their website.

Here are the steps to activate Cloudflare on your domain:

Head on <>.

Log in or if you don't have a Cloudflare account, you can follow this tutorial to create one for free.

Click the Home section and click on the domain you want to enable Cloudflare Always Online™ on.

Click on the Caching icon.

Click on the Configuration section.

Scroll down to Always Online™ and click the ON/OFF button to turn the feature on or off.

Congratulations, you can now enable/disable the Always Online™ feature.

Updated on: 20/02/2023

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