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How to purge the Cloudflare cache?

To maintain the performance of your website at an optimal level, Cloudflare recommends selective removal. In short, delete a single file (per URL) instead of completely purging the cache.

Purging everything immediately erases all resources from your CDN cache in all Cloudflare data centers. Each new request for a deleted resource is therefore directed to your original server to validate the resource in question.

If Cloudflare cannot validate the resource, it gets the latest version from the original server and uses it to replace the cached version. If your site has a lot of traffic and contains a lot of content, requests to your original server can increase and lead to a decrease in website performance.

Here are the steps to clear the Clouflare cache

Log in to your Cloudflare dashboard. Select your account and domain.
Select Cache > Configuration.
Under Purge Cache, select Delete All. A warning window will appear asking you to confirm.
If you agree, select Delete All to confirm the deletion.

Updated on: 20/02/2023

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