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How to analyze the performance of your website?

The performance of a website is a critical element that can contribute to its success or failure. A site that is too slow to load can discourage visitors and cause them to leave and not return.

It is possible to analyze the performance of a site using objective tools. These assess the loading time of the various elements of the site. It then gives you the results, in addition to offering you suggestions to improve performance.

Various reputable tools are available, so you can choose according to your specific preferences and needs.

Google Pagespeed Insights

Google puts a free and very interesting tool at the disposal of all developers. Pagespeed Insights offers a multitude of very useful features, including a complete evaluation of the site’s performance.

Google offers you a useful data set, including a general rating for the entire site.

You can also see in detail a variety of different loading times, including Google’s Core Web Vitals.

Pagespeed Insights also provides you with a comprehensive diagnosis of positive and negative elements, as well as opportunities to improve your results.

You are not only informed about the current performance of your site, but we propose solutions to improve them.

Google even ranks recommendations based on the potential gains they represent. The site even offers you an estimate of the gain associated with each advice. So you can see what actions are actually worth taking.


GTmetrix is one of the most recognized evaluation sites on the web. Much like Pagespeed Insights, it offers you a variety of different results, in addition to recommendations.

GTmetrix divides the overall score in two, one for the site’s performance and another for its structure.

It also offers you in the header the performance for critical elements, before presenting you with a set of different loading times.

It also offers a variety of recommendations to improve the structure and performance of your site.

GTMetrix orders items in order of priority, according to a simple color code. So you can easily see which elements are higher priority and deserve your attention.


Pingdom is another assessment site that is slightly different from previous ones. It is more limited and has a less aesthetic user interface, but it does not require any registration to be used. However, it is necessary to register to enjoy all the features.

Simply go to next page and enter your site URL in the search bar. Pingdom’s simple analysis tool doesn’t give you as much data as other tools. It still offers a general note and some basic statistics.

Pingdom also offers a limited list of recommendations, organized in order of priority. However, it is much more limited than what Pagespeed Insights and GTmetrix offer.

By registering your site on Pingdom, you can access more features and data. In particular, you can monitor the performance of your site, in addition to its availability rate.

Updated on: 14/04/2023

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