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How to upgrade your Ex2 service to a better hosting plan?

You can update your Ex2 web hosting plan at any time. If you choose to upgrade your plan during the term of your service contract, the amount you have already paid is deducted from the invoice.

You only pay the difference between the two prices, and the service due date remains the same, by default. However, you can choose to change the billing cycle when you change your plan. In this case, the contract expiry date will be adjusted to your choice.

Steps to update your Ex2 hosting plan

To get started, log in to your Ex2 account to access the customer space.

On the Customer Space home page, click My Services to access your accommodations.

In the Actions section of the menu, on the right of your screen, click the Increase/Decrease your hosting plan option.

Select the accommodation plan you want from the Ex2 store.

Our team will then begin updating your service based on your order.

Depending on the nature of the hosting plan change, the process may require (or not) a change of server. In this case, up to 24 hours may be required for DNS propagation. This time is necessary for the web to adjust to the new location of your website.

Updated on: 20/04/2023

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