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How do I share my Ex2 account with another user?

It is possible to share your Ex2 customer account with other users. To do this, simply use the following procedure.

Follow these steps to share your Ex2 account with another user

To get started, you need to sign in to your account in the Ex2 Client Center.

Then, open the menu associated with your profile. To do this, click the button in the top right corner.

From this menu, select and open the User Management section.

You will then see a list of all active users on your account. At the top of it you will find a button named "Invite New User".

Clicking on this button will open a window to configure and send your invitation. You have to write down the e-mail address of the user you wish to invite and to define the permissions you wish to grant.

Fill in the requested information and click the Send Invite button.

You should then be redirected to the user management page. A message at the top of the page will tell you the success or failure of sending.

The user you invited should also appear at the bottom of the list in a "Pending Invites" section.

The new user must then accept the invitation and confirm by email for his access to validated.

Updated on: 13/02/2023

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