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How does the Ex2 New Client Referral Program work?

The Ex2 Referral Program allows customers to get credit when they invite new customers to sign up for a web hosting plan.

If someone you invite buys a Ex2 product or service using your link, you receive the equivalent of 25% of their credit bill on your account.

The steps for sponsoring a new client.

To sponsor a new client and receive credit, you must first sign in to your Ex2 client account.

On the dashboard in your customer space, you will find a box named Refer a Friend.

In it, you can access a unique link, allowing you to become the sponsor of new clients. You can use the Copy link button in the top right corner to enter the URL.

You can also copy it directly from the middle box of the box.

Share this link with the person you wish to sponsor. To do this, you can simply copy the link to an email or email service.

If the person in question uses the link to purchase an Ex2 service, 25% of their invoice will be credited to you. Statistics related to the number of clicks and entries will also adjust instantly.

You can also click the Facebook link at the bottom of the box to share your unique link with your Facebook contacts without having to manually copy the URL.

Updated on: 28/04/2023

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