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How to obtain a reliable traffic analysis?

Your Ex2 subscription gives you access to traffic analysis applications that will provide you with more reliable data. For example, you will find the tools Webalizer, AWStats or even access to the raw registers of your hosting. These tools are also directly accessible from your cPanel, however you will need to activate them for them to start collecting data.

To activate its analysis programs, simply follow the following instructions:

Visit your cPanel directly or through your Ex2 Customer Space at this address

Click on “Services”, “Current Services”, “View Details” for the corresponding domain
Select “Login to cPanel” and enter your associated password.

Go to “Logs”
Then click on “Select Registry Programs”.
You will then have to choose the analysis program you want to activate by checking the corresponding box and finally validate your choice by clicking on "Save".

Updated on: 13/02/2023

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