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Some explanations and instructions about companion domains

Your Ex2 subscription is linked to a domain name, known as a primary domain name. However, with an Ex2 Company and Ex2 Private subscription you have the possibility of hosting several number of domain names (10 for Ex2 Company, unlimited for Ex2 Private) on your account, which may have their own website and their own email addresses. .

These domain names that you add to your primary hosting are called companion domains and although they are hosted on the same storage space as your primary domain, your visitors will see them as completely independent sites.

On the other hand, although the addition of a companion domain name is completely free for the subscriptions mentioned above, you will still have to buy its domain names using the registrar services of Ex2 or from another registrar.

To buy a domain name using the services of Ex2, simply follow the following procedure:

Go to your Ex2 hosting dashboard: <>
Then choose the option "Register a New domain".
Fill out the secure form and click "Continue".

On the other hand, if you choose to register your domain name with another registrar, you will have to configure the DNS so that the domain name points to the Ex2 servers.

The update of these DNS parameters will also have to be carried out if you decide to transfer a domain name to Ex2. A domain name transfer can take 5 to 7 days, so we recommend that you change the DNS settings before starting the domain name transfer.

Once the domain name is registered and the DNS settings changed, you will be able to register the new domain name as a companion domain on your Ex2 subscription.

Warning: When registering a companion domain that is linked to your main domain name, a subdomain will be automatically created. This subdomain, which is created for technical reasons, should not be deleted, however your visitors will not know that it exists and will see the different sites as completely independent sites.

Updated on: 27/03/2023

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