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What is Domain name confidentiality/Identity protection ?

*Normally, the private contact details of a domain name owner are public and all you need to do is use a WHOIS service to access them. However, some hosting providers like Ex2 may offer you an optional service that allows you to protect this information before providing more confidentiality.

Do you really need to protect your personal information?

In absolute terms, a personal data protection service is absolutely not mandatory, but it can allow you to benefit from interesting advantages. So this kind of service will allow you to considerably reduce the number of spam emails that you will receive, but also the number of unwanted solicitations. This personal data protection service is therefore a very interesting service, which it is in your best interest to subscribe when you buy a domain name and web hosting.

How to access domain name data?

Each domain name is linked to a WHOIS record, which is stored in a public database that is freely available on the internet. As the owner of an internet domain name, your personal details will be accessible to everyone if you do not use a WHOIS privacy protection system. Internet users will therefore be able to obtain your name, your address, and even your telephone number.

By using a WHOIS confidentiality system, on the other hand, you will be able to conceal your personal information by replacing it with the legal information of your manager of your domain name.

So even if you have a post office box, which allows you to use and distribute a business address, WHOIS privacy will still offer you some great services.

- WHOIS Identity Protection reduces spam.

- WHOIS Identity Protection protects your personal information.

- WHOIS Identity Protection helps counter fraudsters and stalkers.

- WHOIS Identity Protection helps control access to your personal data.

It is for all these reasons that most web entrepreneurs use WHOIS privacy. However, be aware that some domain extensions will allow you to benefit from included WHOIS privacy. This is for example the case of ".fr" for which you have automatic protection of your personal data.

Install WHOIS Identity Protection on Ex2

Here is the procedure for installing WHOIS privacy on Ex2.

Log in to the Ex2 customer area, which allows you to adjust all the parameters of your hosting.
Choose the option "Services" then "Additional services" which allows you to manage the optional services.
In "Add products", then choose "Identity protection" and click on "Add to cart".
Proceed to payment.

These steps will provide you with WHOIS privacy, which will protect all of your personal data.

Updated on: 27/03/2023

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