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What is a child theme and how to install one on the Ex2 theme?

What is a child theme and how do I install one on the Ex2 theme?

Although WordPress themes are generally very customizable, it is quite possible that you want to make some adjustments that need to change the CSS of your theme. Unfortunately, these changes will be completely lost if you update your theme.

How to overcome this problem and keep the changes while keeping your theme up to date? Using a child theme, ie a replica
exact of your parent theme that works in tandem with it and is specifically designed to allow customization.

What is a child theme?

A child theme is somehow a clone of your WordPress theme, which then becomes known as the parent theme. He understands all the same features as his parent and he shares the tasks with him.

Any file inserted in the child theme and bearing the same name as a file of the parent theme, will be set as priority and overwrite the original file (except in the case of functions.php). WordPress will use in most cases the data associated with the child theme, but refers to the theme code of the parent theme whenever necessary.

Using a child theme to perform your customizations at the level of your WordPress theme, so they will not be affected by future updates of the parent theme. It is therefore highly recommended to use a child theme when you want for example to replace templates related to your theme or add code in order to
customize a feature.

How do I generate an Ex2 child theme?

One using the Ex2 theme, you will also get a child theme ready to use, so it is not necessary to create it yourself. To download and install your theme
child, just visit the Ex2 child theme generator and follow these steps:

1. Enter the name you want to give your child theme;
2. If you wish to add your own brand, you can do so by clicking on the advanced options. You can then change the theme name, version, author, author URL, description, folder name and screenshot;
3. When finished, click the “Generate” button at the bottom of the page. The child theme you just generated is then downloaded to your computer as a .zipfile.

How to install your Ex2 child theme:

1. Once you have downloaded your child theme file, connect to your website dashboard. You must then go to the Appearance> Themes section and click the “Add” button.
2. Click on “Upload Theme” (located at the top of the page) and select the file. zip your child theme and click the “Install Now” button;
3. Then activate the child theme. Keep in mind that although the child theme is now the active theme, it is impossible for it to function without its parent theme. Thus, you must have installed both Ex2 parent theme and your child theme.

Feel free to copy all the necessary Ex2 theme files into this child theme and customize them according to your needs, as not all will be automatically transferred to the child theme (for example, additional CSS you may have added to your parent theme).

Updated on: 27/03/2023

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