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Some useful basic information about domain names

Basic information about domain names


AFNIC, which handles the registration of domain names, has rules and restrictions that you must follow. Here are the conditions to be respected for .fr, .re, .tf, .wf, .pm, .yt domains:

AFNIC, the French association for internet naming in cooperation, is responsible for registering the registration of terms that are subject to prior examination, this is particularly the case of names prohibited and reserved for the administration. . One will find there the names of communes, the names of domains under special convention, city -; cg -; cr -; CC- ; agglo -; ...

And of course the famous Moreover, to avoid any problems, we advise you to study very carefully the AFNIC naming charter as well as the practical guide to know the process of assigning domain names.

AFNIC is also responsible for verifying whether the information declared during registration corresponds well. For example, AFNIC checks whether the postal code and the city are real, since domain names managed by AFNIC can only be registered by people residing in Europe and over 18 years of age.

Protect your information found with WHOIS

When you register a domain name as a natural person, your personal information is considered private and AFNIC will not disseminate it and therefore it will not be accessible by WHOIS. On the other hand, if when registering your domain name you declare a SIRET or DUNS number, you will be considered a legal person, so the information you declare will be considered public and will therefore be accessible by WHOIS. However, the information displayed can be modified from your member's area.

Transfer a domain name managed by AFNIC

The transfer of a domain name managed by AFNIC follows a specific procedure. Indeed, since AFNIC does not lock domain names, you will only need an AUTH / INFO code to initiate the transfer of the domain name. However, once the transfer is initiated, it can take up to 8 days, and if the former registrar rejects the transfer request, this period will increase to 14 days.

Request an AUTH / INFO code to transfer a domain name

The AUTH / INFO code is used to transfer a domain name, but since domains managed by AFNIC are not locked, this code is not directly accessible. You will therefore have to request it by opening a support ticket.

Registration period for domains managed by AFNIC

Domain names managed by AFNIC are only registered for a period of one year, renewable each year. It is therefore not possible to register a domain name for a period longer than one year.

Recover a domain name that has not been paid or that has been canceled

If a domain is not paid on time or if its automatic renewal has been disabled, within 5 days it goes into redemption status and is no longer usable. However, it is possible to recover this domain name for a period of 30 days following the anniversary date of the domain name, by contacting the registrar directly. But once this 30-day period has passed, the domain name can be acquired by anyone who requests it.

Updated on: 14/02/2023

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