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How to optimize a Wordpress site with the Litespeed plugin?

Optimize a Wordpress site with Litespeed Cache plugin

The Litespeed plugin allows to optimize a WordPress site and significantly improve the performance of a site. It offers better results with servers compatible with Litespeed technology, which is the case with Ex2 servers. So you can take full advantage of it easily and accelerate the loading of your WordPress site.

Install and Litespeed plugin

To get started, connect to your WordPress Admin Dashboard.

From the dashboard menu, click the Extension - Add section. Search for the Litespeed Cache plugin.

Install and activate the plugin by clicking on the buttons that appear successively in the top right corner of the plugin box. You can then proceed to the plugin configuration.

Configure Litespeed Cache using the plugin presets

Configuring the Litespeed plugin can be quite complex if you want to select one by one the elements to optimize. You have access to a variety of options to optimize your pages, images, databases, etc.

However, Litespeed also offers you a selection of presets for different degrees of optimization. You can choose from 5 options, ranked in ascending order of degree of optimization. They are: Fundamentals, Basic, Advanced, Aggressive, and Extreme.

Simply click the Apply Presets button at the bottom of the selected option to start optimization. A warning window will then open to request confirmation of the parameter change.

If you wish, you can manually change the selection of optimized items, even if you use the presets. Simply add or remove the items you want from the list to customize the settings.

Updated on: 17/05/2023

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