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How to migrate your Wordpress website yourself?

To transfer your website to your new host, the data that constitutes it must be moved to your new server.
Migrating a WordPress site is a complex minimum, but has nothing of a puzzle. The process, however, involves a few steps that need attention.

You may need to transfer the domain name associated with the website, or redirect the DNS. You must create a new WordPress database in order to import your original database. You must then adjust your wp-config.php file to the parameters of your new hosting.

Data transfer is usually done using a File Transfer Protocol (FTP), which can be a bit complicated for beginners. It can however be done primarily using a plugin.

The 3 steps to complete before you can import the database

First of all, your domain name must be transferred separately. Unfortunately, the plugin can nothing for you about it. You also have the option to leave your domain name in its current location and simply edit DNS records.

It is also necessary to install the WordPress CMS on your new server before transferring the rest of the content.

You must also create a new database WordPress to transfer the files. It must be created before you can import content from your website.

To import your site to your new host, it is finally necessary to connect to this new WordPress to install All-in-One WP Migration. The installation of this plugin is necessary for the import of the database.

Migrate your WordPress site with the All-in-One WP Migration plugin

If you really want to migrate your WordPress site yourself, we recommend using All-in-One WP Migration. This plugin is very efficient and simple to use, and should suit the needs of the majority of users.

Note however that the free version of the plugin has a number of limitations. In particular, the maximum file size is limited to 512 MB. However, we will explain how to circumvent this limit.

To use it, you must first connect to your Wordpress admin dashboard. Then, install and activate the plugin All-in-On WP Migration on your current WordPress site.

Once the plugin is activated, a section associated with it will appear in the menu of your dashboard.

Create a backup of your WordPress site with All-in-One WP Migration

Before starting the migration process, it is recommended to start by backing up your data.

To do this, go to All-In-One WP Migration in your WordPress dashboard and select the Backups option.

Then click the Create backup button to have the plugin start the process.

The backup may take a few minutes, depending on how much data your website contains.

Once completed, the file will be made available for download.

You must then download the content of your website to your computer by clicking on the button for this purpose.

Note that this backup should be exactly the same as the export file. Its creation is only a precaution in case a problem occurs along the way.

Create your WordPress site export file

The export file is a compressed version of the entire content of your website, except for WordPress files. The backup is therefore designed to be used with an installed version of the CMS.

To create the file, go to All-In-One WP Migration from your WordPress dashboard menu and select the Export option.

As in the case of backup, you must then download the compressed version of your website to your computer.

To do this, once again, simply click on the button.

Import your WordPress site to your new host

After downloading the export file from your website, you must import it to your new server. You must log in to your new hosting plan for this step.

Then, go to All-In-One WP Migration in your WordPress dashboard and select the Import option.

Before starting the installation of your site, a warning will appear in a new window.

The message simply warns you that the uploaded content will replace the current content on your site. Click the Continue button to start importing your site.### For websites with more than 512 MB of data

If your website is over 512 MB, it will be impossible to perform the migration in a single operation without the addition of All-in-One WP Migration Unlimited Extension. This one is quite expensive, costing a base price of US$69.

If you prefer to avoid paying, you also have another option. You can separate all media files from the rest of the website and make two transfers instead of one.

This strategy allows you to bypass the 512 MB limit and migrate without having to pay, but takes longer.

Update your WordPress files

After importing your website, it is still necessary to complete the configuration of your new database and your WordPress files.

The plugin offers you an integrated tool that can be used to quickly make changes in all your files. This tool can be used to easily adjust your site in the event of a change in the URL of your database.

Simply type in the Search box the characters or words you want to replace. Then you must type the new parameters in the Replace with box.

The plugin will then search for the characters in question in your entire database and replace them with the second. Once your Wordpress files are updated, the migration of your site is complete.

Updated on: 13/04/2023

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