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How to get free migration of my WordPress site?

How to get free migration of my WordPress site?

Ex2 offers free WordPress sites migration within the first 30 days after registration. The offer includes the transfer of a WordPress site and the ability to review the site before it is put online.

Information on the free WordPress site migration offer

Transferring a site

Additional sites must be covered by a paid transfer
Additional WordPress sites nested in subdirectories count towards this quota.

Emails are not included.

Estimated transfer time of 2-3 days after receipt of valid previous accommodation identifiers

Note: Domain name transfers are not included. If you need to transfer your domain name, see Transferring a domain name to us.


Customer Qualification | Website Qualification |
--- | --- |
Requires a new shared hosting account. One-time use: one free migration per hosting plan. | (cannot be |
Single use: one free migration per hosting plan. | WordPress version 4.7 or later. |
| PHP 7.0 or later.|
| Backups must be created successfully using a compatible plugin. |
| Less than 2GB (file size) |
| Database size less than 40 MB |
| No exclusive features |
| Free of malware |
| Not a multi-site WordPress installation |

If you are not eligible for the free migration offer, you can still apply for a professional migration.

Sign up for the free WordPress migration offer

You can claim your free migration when you register or within the first 30 days following your registration. To do this, simply contact us.

Important note: Updating your name servers can overwrite any custom DNS settings that may exist for your domain name. Please contact your previous web host to determine if your domain uses custom DNS to manage Emails, Subdomains, Newsletters or other services. This prevents these services from being impacted.

Updated on: 19/07/2023

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