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How to do a backup of your Ex2 website?

For security purposes, it is essential that you regularly back up, locally or on a hard drive, all the folders and files that make up your website. Ex2 provide you with a very complete backup wizard accessible directly from the cPanel to give you a perfectly secure service. This service will allow you to very easily and quickly create a backup of all the files on your website, or only certain parts, then download the archive created on your computer in order to guarantee maximum security (you can then copy it to multiple media - DVD, USB stick, etc.)

Ex2 also offers an automatic backup system that allows you to manage your backups very precisely. This system is also particularly interesting for large sites, since it allows you to automate backup operations and automatically receive an archive every day that you will only have to save to your disk. The backup service is very easy to set up and available for a small fee.

How to Create a Backup File

It is important to create a backup file each time you update your site. This will allow you to very easily reinstall it and find all the information in the event of a problem.

Log into your Ex2 dashboard by clicking this link: <>.

Choose the domain name that you want to create a back up file.

Click on "Connect to cPanel" located on the right in the Actions section.

Once in your cPanel, go to the "Files" section and then click on the "Backup Assistant" icon.

Click on "Backup".

Choose between "Full backup" or the "Partial backup" option which will give you one of the following three options.

"Main directory" for a backup of files in the / public html folder.
"MySQL database" for a backup of the SQL database.
"Email Forwarding and Filters" for a backup of forwarding and filters

Note: Unless you are an experienced user with special needs, it is advisable to choose the "Full backup" option instead.

Once you have chosen your backup option, you will need to select the "Backup Destination" using the drop-down menu. By choosing the option "email address" you will receive an archive file by email, very interesting solution for large sites.

Once you have configured the various options, all you have to do is click on the "Create backup" button. The system will therefore perform the backup according to the selected parameters and drop it at the chosen destination.

How to download a backup archive

If you have chosen "email address" in the "destination" option, the Ex2 system will send you an email inviting you to download your backup file. So choose the "File" section of the cPanel and click on the "Save" icon.

If you had chosen to make a backup of your entire site, you can click on the "Download or create a full backup" button. You can then choose the file that interests you and its save location to start the download.

To download a partial backup, choose the corresponding option then the destination of the file and start the download.

Updated on: 14/02/2023

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