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How to use SSH access on Ex2 hosting?

Validate your access

To benefit from SSH access on your Ex2 hosting, and for security reasons, please contact support by providing us with a copy of your identity document.

Once your access is unlocked, there are three methods to authenticate yourself:

- with a username and password ("classic" method)
- with an SSH key
- or directly (autologin) in the terminal available on your cPanel

For the SSH connection with an identifier and a password, you must use the same identifiers as for your access to cPanel, on port 2298. The connection host is one of your domain name:

If you are connecting directly with the command prompt (windows) or Terminal (Mac Os), force the ssh port by connecting with the following command:

ssh -p 2298 yourlogincpanel@yourdomainname (or your server ip)

SSH access limits

SSH access allows you to manage your hosting and in particular to:

- manipulate files / folders via the console
- generate zip and tar.gz archives of certain files (be careful to respect your hosting resources)
- back up your databases with the mysqldump command
- create bash scripts or other (python)
- use the console of other frameworks (Symfony2, laravel, etc.)
- use the console on Python frameworks, with virtualenvs (this is possible using the python tool from cPanel)
- use the CMS console, wp-cli for Wordpress, drush for drupal (+ many other CMS)
- use git

However, the following commands are not available on Ex2:

- install new packages on the system, using yum install or apt-get
- installation of "server" type applications
- modification of server settings: firewall, web server configuration
- in general, anything that requires administrative rights (root) or rights greater than those of a user account on Linux

Updated on: 17/05/2023

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