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How to customize the global colors of the EX theme?

Customizing global colors with Ex2-Theme

With Ex2-Theme, you can keep a uniform color palette on your website with global color options. These colors will be applied to the various sections of the site that are related to your theme.

From your WordPress dashboard, go to Appearance > Customize > Global > Colors.

Basic colors

This section shows you the default color customization options for your theme. You will find the following options:

Text color: Body color and description on website
Theme color: Color for all elements of the theme such as buttons, text background color, etc.
Link Color: Color of all text to which links have been added
Link Hover Color: Hover color for all text that has links added
Background (color and image): This color will be applied as a background color to the body across the site. If you define both (color and image), be sure to adjust the color opacity to make the image visible.
Improved recent versions of Ex2-Theme and Ex2-Theme Pro, you will find a reactive option in addition to the “Background” option.

If you use a page builder, you can replace the colors of the theme with the color settings of the page builder. In addition, replacing the colors of the theme can affect the consistency of the colors on the pages.

The colors defined from the page builder will be applied to all content created with this tool. However, other pages and publications (not built by this page builder) will still use the theme settings.

Thus, it may happen, for example, that the font color of your text or title is different on your pages (created using the page builder) and on your blog archives or articles. It is important to keep in mind that this needs to be checked, as the settings will not be automatically synchronized.

More style options are available in the dedicated Ex2-Theme Pro modules. Options available with the Ex2-Theme Pro Colors and Background module are covered in another article

Updated on: 27/03/2023

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