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How to create a header with the Ex2-Theme header builder?

Create a header with the Ex2-Theme header builder

The header builder is a new way to quickly and easily design a custom header in Ex2-Theme.

In this article, we will help you understand all the options available to you with the Ex2-Theme header builder and use it successfully.

Getting Started

Once you have installed Ex2-Theme on your WordPress site, go to the theme home page from your dashboard in the Appearance> Ex2 Theme section.

Here you can see a small review and a button indicating "Use a new header generator". Click this button to start designing with the Ex2-Theme header builder.

You then need to go to the “Appearance > Customize” section of your dashboard to find the editor menu associated with your theme. Once in this menu, you will see the various options available to you to customize your header.

Header configuration

The header builder contains the following elements to allow you to create unique and customized content:

Visual Header Editor: includes three distinct headers: Top, Top and Bottom.
General tab, allowing you to configure menu options or add a title and logo.
Design tab, used to define the margins and format of the header.

You can add and manage header elements with the visual editor and then customize them from the “General” and “Design” tabs.

Visual header editor

The visual editor is a flexible and advanced header construction tool. Changes you make using this tool will instantly impact the design of your header.

It gives you access to three lines to create a single header structure, consisting of a top portion, a main (or primary) section and a bottom part. Simply click on the "+" sign in each of the segments to add different header elements, such as buttons, widgets, links to your social media deposits, a main menu, a secondary menu, HTML code, etc.

Simply drag and drop items into different sections to place them in the required position.

Set style for top, main and bottom header

Click the adjustment icon on the left side of each header section and this will take you directly to the style options.

General Tab

Items you add to the visual header editor will be available under the “General” tab of the customization menu. Simply click on an item to change the

Header Types

You will be able to see a secondary tab called “Header Types”, accessible from the menu of the “General” tab. This will give you options to configure different types of header.

With the free Ex2-Theme version, you can activate the transparent header and configure it. With Ex2-Theme Pro, you can have options for a sticky header (also called Sticky
Header) that remains visible at all times when visitors browse your website. This feature is however associated with Ex2-Theme Pro, and is therefore not available on the free version.

Mobile header design

With the Ex2-Theme header manufacturer, you can design a header look on responsive devices. It is possible to configure the reactivity settings of your site by clicking
on the button associated with your header under the “Header Types” sub-tab.

Design Tab

This will give you design options for borders, margins and header spacing. It is also possible from this tab to add a background image to each segment of your header. It is also used to set the color settings for the various elements of your header.

Header creation elements with free and pro versions of Ex2-Theme

The free version of Ex2-Theme offers a complete structure for a new header builder. While you can unlock advanced features with the Pro version.

Here is a list of the header elements available with the free and pro versions of Ex2-Theme.

With the free version of Ex2-Theme:

Primary Menu
Secondary Menu
Widget 1
Widget 2

With Ex2-Theme Pro:

Button 1
Button 2
Primary Menu
Secondary Menu
Widget 1
Widget 2
Widget 3
Widget 4

Updated on: 27/03/2023

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