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How to configure your email address?

Here's how to configure your email address

In your mail software (outlook, mail, etc.), choose "add an account".

With some software, you will only have to indicate your email address (previously created in cPanel), the software will then ask you for your password and will automatically find your configuration.

If not, here is the manual configuration:

The username is the email address. (It may happen that your email software does not accept the mailbox as an identifier, in this case, you must replace the @ by a + in the user (Example: admin +
POP server (reception): Port: 995
IMAP server (reception): Port: 993
SMTP server (sending): Port: 465 (It may happen that port 465 does not work, you can use the alternative port for secure smtp 587)

Do not forget :

- To check "always use an SSL connection" if this option is available.
- To enable SMTP authentication when configuring the sending server.

You can also check your emails directly online:

- Online email:

Updated on: 27/03/2023

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