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How to configure Google/Gsuite MX Records?

It is quite possible to manage the website at Ex2 while relying on email management at another provider, such as Gsuite/ Gmail.

To do this, you need to configure Google’s MX entries on the domain name. This will point the messaging portion of the domain to Google. This can be done using the Zone Editor tool, available in cPanel.

Steps to set up Google Apps MXs on the domain:

First, log in to your cPanel account.

In theDomaines section, select the Zone Editor tool.

Next to the domain you want to configure the MXs on, click the Manage icon to access the records.

If you only have one domain, this step is not mandatory the management page will open directly. The entries in the DNS area of your domain are displayed.

Delete the existing MX type entry that corresponds to the default configuration (i.e., emails managed by Ex2). To do this, click Delete in front of the MX record that appears for the domain name.

Then click on Add a record and add one by one all the records requested by Google Apps.

In the form that appears, all records requested by Google must be added. As there are 5 records requested, you will have to do the manipulation 5 times. In the settings for each record:

Name: leave your domain name
Type: choose MX
Priority: this number provided by Google (1, 5, 10)
Value: copy and paste Google data

In the end, you should have 5 different MX records linked to Google.

Updated on: 27/03/2023

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