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How to Configure an alias domain name ?

An alias domain name is a domain name that refers Internet users to your main domain name. The alias domain name therefore uses the same internet pages as your main domain name. The alias domain names that you add to your hosting use the same index and the same folder as your main domain name. However, you can still create email addresses associated with alias domains.

Steps to configure an alias domain name

Connect to your Ex2 client area: <>

In the Domains section, click the Domains icon.

To the right of the domain alias you want to change, click the Manage button.

In the New Document Root box, enter the new settings you want to use.

Click the Update button.

You should then see a success message informing you that your domain settings have been successfully changed.

Please note: in order to add an alias domain name, it must be registered with an approved registrar. Also, in order for it to point to your main domain, you need to configure the DNS to point to the Ex2 servers.

Updated on: 27/03/2023

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