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How to add sidebars with Ex2 theme?

Add sidebars with Ex2-Theme

Pages and publications on your site may have different sidebars. These elements are used to provide additional tools and information to site visitors, such as links, filters, etc.

The “Sidebar” option in your editing tool allows you to add sidebars to your entire website by setting the default layout. In addition, you can set different options for the following locations:

The pages of your site
Your blog posts
The various archives of your site (such as blog archives)

Depending on the plugins enabled on your site, it is possible to set sidebars for added pages, such as WooCommerce or LearnDash pages.

There are four sidebar options available to choose from:

No sidebar: used to hide sidebar
Left sidebar: positions the sidebar on the left side of the contents
Right sidebar: instead places the sidebar to the right of the content
The “Default” option, to simply apply the default sidebar layout settings to any location.

The width of the sidebar defines the percentage of your container area reserved for the sidebar.

How do I create/manage my sidebars?

Once you have enabled your sidebar, you can add or remove certain widgets, set a different order for your items, or change certain settings.

You can do this in the site editor by going to Customize > Widgets. You can also access it from your backend by accessing the Appearance > Widgets section of your WordPress dashboard. Here you can arrange your sidebar and other widget areas.

Once you access your Widgets panel, you will notice all your existing sidebars. You can then expand the desired sidebar and add widgets. In addition, each widget offers its own settings allowing you to make additional adjustments.

Does Ex2 theme support block-based (WordPress) widget editor?

Since WordPress version 5.8, you can use blocks in your widget areas with inherited widgets. Ex2-Theme is fully compatible with WordPress 5.8 (or newer) and block-based widget editor since version 3.6.5.

Keep in mind that some of the Ex2 Header and Footer widget settings (such as font or colors) have been deprecated for better compatibility.

Updated on: 27/03/2023

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