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How do I cancel the automatic renewal of a domain name?

When you register a domain name with Ex2, we enable automatic renewal by default. This is to avoid problems caused by an oversight or delay, which can lead to the accidental loss of your domain.

It is however very simple to disable this automatic renewal if you want to get rid of a domain.

Follow these steps to cancel the automatic renewal of a domain name

To unlock your domain, you must first sign in to your account in the Ex2 customer area.

From the menu to the left of the Customer Space interface, click My Domains.

You will then be redirected to a list of all your domains registered with Ex2. To the right of the domain you want to edit, click the ... to open the drop-down menu and select Auto Renewal Status.

The automatic renewal management window will open. You can then disable the renewal of your domain by checking the function "OFF".

The status change may take a few seconds, and a message will notify you of the success of the operation.

Updated on: 03/07/2023

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