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How can I select or modify the default webmail application?

How can I select the default webmail application?

The first time you log into webmail, the interface displays two webmail applications: Horde and Roundcube.

You can now choose between Roundcube and Horder, then click on the "Open my inbox when I log in" checkbox, and the application will become your default webmail application.

So each time you log into webmail, your webmail will be opened in this default webmail application.

Here I have chosen Roundcube as the default webmail application. So every time I log into webmail the Roundcube application will open automatically.

Now, how to change this default webmail application?

To change the default webmail application, log into your webmail. Here, since we have chosen Roundcube as the default webmail application, we will connect directly to RoundCube. Now click on "Webmail home" at the bottom left.

You will now return to the Webmail home interface. From there:

- Open the menu at the top of the navigation, by clicking on the arrow next to your email address.
- Next, click on the star icon that corresponds to the desired webmail app to set it as your default app (here, I chose Horde by default).
- Once you have selected the star, click on the name of the Webmail application to start the change.

Now your default webmail app has changed from Roundcube to Horde.

Updated on: 27/03/2023

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