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How can I see my site without a domain name?

If your DNS has not yet spread but you still want to be able to work on your website, it is possible to see your site without a domain name.

If your DNS points to your old host or to another server, for example you have an old site that you want to keep online until your new site, the one hosted by Ex2 is ready, you can also use the methods described below.

However, as long as the domain is not fully active or pointing to Ex2, most other functions (email, FTP, etc.) will not work.

Here's how to see your site without a domain name

To start accessing your site online without waiting for DNS to spread (or changing DNS), you can use one of two functions:

1. Edit the host file

The most commonly used option to access your without changing the DNS is to edit the host file. Just add these lines:
Where is the IP address of your hosting account and - your domain name.

You can find your IP address in your cPanel, right column, click on "server information", then click on shared IP address:

2. Use a temporary URL

The SkipDNS tool also allows you to temporarily view your site using the following data:

The IP address of your site at Ex2 (see above for how to get it in your channel).
HTTP and HTTPS ports: Use default value 80 for both
Live URL: Enter your domain name

Once your preview URL has been created, click Open and select Proceed with Proxy in the next step.

Thanks to these 2 techniques, you can now work on your website, without waiting for the spread of DNS

Updated on: 14/02/2023

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