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Ex2-Theme Pro premium element: the Navigation Menu Module

The Ex2 Theme Navigation Menu module allows you to add and create Mega Menus. Mega Menus are a type of expandable menus in which different choices are displayed.

If you have a website with many options and lower level pages, then this is the perfect solution to display them at a glance.

The Ex2 Theme offers complete features to design a Mega Menu through the Navigation Menu module.

This is a premium feature available with Ex2-Theme Pro. To use this module, you must have the Ex2 theme installed with the Ex2-Theme Pro version enabled on your website.

Activate the module

Please follow these steps to enable the Ex2 Theme Navigation Menu module and explore its various options:

Step 1 – Ensure Ex2-Theme Pro is installed and enabled.

Step 2 – Activate the add-on from your Wordpress dashboard in the Ex2-Theme section. Here you will find the Ex2-Theme Pro Modules section, or the Navigation Menu module.

Create Main Menu

If you want to create a Mega Menu, you need to enable the features of the Mega Menu for the top-level menu item including the child menu items that you want to turn into the Mega Menu.

To do this, follow these steps:

Step 1 – From the WordPress Dashboard, go to Appearance > Menus.

Step 2 – Select the menu item under which you want to add a mega menu.

Step 3 – Expand this menu item and click the Ex2-Theme Menu Settings button.

You will then see a variety of options.

Mega Menu

Then a pop-up window will open on the right. Activate the Mega Menu toggle button here. This will activate the mega menu options for all sub-menus in the General tab. You will find:

Mega Menu Width: Set your mega menu width here. Here are the available options:

*Content: menu width is set to your content width
*Menu container width: you can limit the width of your main menu
Full width: This option sets the width of your mega menu to the width of the screen, but limits the content of the menu to the width of the content.
*Full Width Stretched: Set your mega menu width to the full width, edge to edge.
Custom Width: set a custom width value (in pixels).

Icon: From the list of available icons, you can choose which icon you want to display before or after the menu label. You can also set the size and spacing of icons here.

Highlight Labels: This is the text that appears next to the menu item. It highlights the menu. You can define the text of each label and its color.

Step 4 – If you click on a secondary element of the Mega Menu, you will see the following options:

Mega Menu

*As Heading: enabling this option makes the Mega Menu navigation label a title for the column. It will therefore appear as a title and all child menu items will appear under this heading. Note: Make sure you have enabled the Mega Menu in the Parent Menu item to see this option.
Hide Menu Label: Hide the label or sub-menu description.
Disable link: This option removes the link for a menu item. This will only display the menu title.

From the list of available icons, you can choose which icon to display before or after the menu label. You can also set the size and spacing of the icons.

Content Source
You can select the content source for the submenu. You can select a custom text, template or widget. You can display custom HTML text with the editor, or select a custom widget template.

If you select the Custom Template option, a list of all available messages, pages and custom templates will appear. By selecting the widget option instead, a list of all available widgets will appear.

Highlight Labels
Defines the text that appears next to the item. You can define the label text and color.

You have access to these options for all your menus and their submenu.

How do I create columns for the Mega Menu?

The Ex2 theme automatically creates a separate column for each submenu. When you check Enable Mega Menu, it will create columns based on the number of sub-menu items present.

Updated on: 11/04/2023

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