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Ex2 theme customizer: Global Typography

Typography plays the most important role in the user experience of a website. Therefore, we offer you a large number of typography options that will allow you to customize your fonts using the Ex2 theme.

The Ex2 theme’s global typography module is one of its most powerful features. It allows you to customize the typography of your entire site from one place. In this article, we will look at the Ex2-Theme global typography module and how you can use it to customize the typography of your website.

The typography options are accessible from your WordPress dashboard in the Appearance > Customize > Global >Typography section. You will find the following options in the Typography module.


Presets are pre-formatted templates that you can use to edit fonts with a single click. The Ex2 theme includes 6 presets that you can use to change the font styles of your website.

Basic fonts:

Basic fonts allow you to manually choose the font style used on your website. You can change the body font of your website and the font associated with the titles.


You can change the font of your website’s body text using the options available under the fonts of the body text.

Font Family – Choose the desired font family (Times New Roman, Sans Serif, etc.) for your website content
Variations – It is necessary to select the font variants (light, italic, etc.) that you want to use on the website.
Font weight – Select the default font weight for your website content.
Font Size – Select the default font size for the content. You will also find the option to set the text Transform i.e [None, Capitalize, Uppercase, Lowercase]
Decoration – Selects font decorations such as underline, overlay, etc.

Font Family

Ex2-Theme allows you to use System Fonts, Google Fonts, Typekit Fonts and custom fonts on your site.

You can easily include custom fonts to the Ex2 theme without adding a single line of code.

Title Fonts:

You can set a font style and an individual font size for each title (H1 to H6) on your site.

Note: If you are using a page builder (Elementor, Divi, etc.), you can override the theme typography with the page builder typography settings for specific sections.

Bottom margin of paragraph

This option changes the width of the lower margin of paragraphs. By adjusting the cursor, you change the gap between the two paragraphs on your articles, web pages, etc.

Enabling this option will allow you to put an underlining on all the links of your blog posts or web pages.


Updated on: 06/04/2023

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