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Ex2 theme customizer: Container

A container is an area within which the content is displayed. Generally, the container contains the entire page.

Both the content area and the sidebar are part of the container. The content area is called the primary container, while the sidebar is called the secondary container.

You can apply container layouts for the entire website via the Appearance > Customization > Global > Container section of your Wordpress dashboard.

Different container settings can be applied to certain pages or articles using meta settings. These are page-specific settings that have a higher priority than global customization settings.

Customizing the Ex2 theme container settings

The Wordpress Ex2-Theme theme allows you to customize three distinct elements of your website containers.

Container layout

The Ex2 theme offers you five layout options for your containers. You can see an overview of the various models before choosing the one you prefer. Note that the premium version Ex2-Theme Pro gives you access to additional options. The five available models are:

Box - Everything
Text box- Content only
Full width / spaced
Full width / stretched
Narrow width

Container Width

The content is displayed according to the width (in pixel) defined here. You can play with the width in combination with the container layout to create different designs.

Narrow container width

A newly added narrow container width slide is available in Astra version 4.0.0 specifically for the narrow-width container layout, called the “narrow container width”. This will adjust the narrow width of the container for single blog posts, Blog Archives & Pages.

The narrow container width defines the width of content in articles and pages. By default, the narrow width container value will be 750px. However, you can choose any width between 400px and 1000px.

Disposal of containers

The offers 5 types of Containers. These are global containers that will be applied to the entire site. But you can set the layout of different containers for different types of stations with Dedicated Container Layout. To have more control over the layout of containers on each page, you can see the meta settings of the page.

All types of container layouts are explained in the following links:

Framed content
Maximum width / content
Full width / stretched
Narrow width

Disposal of dedicated containers
The above five container layouts are available separately for the following container types. This means that if you choose the default layout as Full Width/ Stretched, and for Archives you choose the In Box option, then the entire site except archive pages will have the Full Width/Stretched layout while archive pages will have the canned layout.

Page Layout – For Pages Only
Blog Layout – For Archive and Unique Blog Pages
Disposition of Archives – All Archives

The Ex2 theme offers a good integration with several popular plugins. When these plugins are installed, additional container layout options will appear in connection with them. The list of plugins included in the Ex2 theme includes:

Easy Digital Downloads (EDD)

Updated on: 29/03/2023

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