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Ex2 theme customizer: Blog/Archive

Ex2 Theme Customizer Blog/Archive section

An archive is a common term when it comes to blog. To summarize, archiving means collecting data. The archive page is therefore a collection of articles grouped by category, date, author, etc.

You can customize your archive poster from the Appearance > Customize > Blog > Blog / Archive section of your Wordpress dashboard.

Under the general tab of the Blog/ Archive section, you will first find the following settings:

Posting the blog title
Container Layout
Lateral column layout
Width of blog content

Below, in the publication structure options, you will find additional settings:

Blog Structure

This section allows you to manage the structure of your articles. You can manage the display and order of the foreground image, as well as the title and meta data.

You can thus choose to hide the image put forward from your blog posts. Similarly, you can hide the title and metadata of articles.

Note that if you disable the blog title and metadata, the Meta option will disappear and become unavailable.

You can swap the position of the image and title by dragging and dropping to choose which one is displayed first.


The Meta section is about the metadata associated with your articles. These are used to provide information to users and search engines about your content.

You can choose to show or hide comments, category, author, publication date, labels and estimated time to read.

Note: To manage categories, labels and publication dates, you will need to edit the individual publication from WordPress.

Article content

You have two options available for displaying the content of your articles when you use Ex2-Theme.

Full content

By selecting this option, the entire text or written version of a blog article is visible on the archive page.


This option means displaying a short extract of the content, including a limited number of words. The default length of the extract is 55 words.

You can also manually enter the content of the article extract. Your text will then replace the default extract.

Updated on: 29/03/2023

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