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Ex2 theme container layout: Boxed

As explained in our article on Ex2 themed containers, a website can have two containers, Primary and Secondary.

The primary container is where the primary content appears. The secondary container consists of the sidebar and various widgets associated with it.

When you select the Boxed - All layout, individual containers and widgets appear in separate frames.

If you select the Boxed - Content Only layout instead, the secondary container will not be sidebar. Your entire sidebar will not be boxed.

You can find the container layout options in the Appearance > Customize > Global > Container section of your Wordpress dashboard.

The background color of the frame can be defined from the Global > Colors > Basic Colors > Basic Colors section of the customizer.


You can apply boxed containers for selected pages or messages from the meta settings.

The width of the container depends on the site layout settings.

If you have the Ex2 theme version, you can find additional options such as background color in our Colors and Backgrounds module. If you don’t have Ex2-theme Pro, you can also add a background image with a custom CSS.

In addition, we provide more style options in dedicated Ex2-Theme Pro modules.

Updated on: 06/04/2023

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