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How to add a domain?

Here are the steps to add an additional domain:

Log into your cPanel interface "" or by going through your client area.

In the Domain section, click the Addon Domains icon.

On the Addon Domains page, fill the following fields:

- New Domain Name (
- The other 2 fields (subdomain and document root) are filled in automatically. However, you can modify them if necessary.

Click on Add Domain to start the operation.

When you add an additional domain, a subdomain of the main domain is created on your server, and we associate its hosting with the name of the new domain, for example and in this case:

The Document root field indicates the directory in which the folder will be created. This folder as the same name as the additional domain.

You will add your website files to it. For example, public_html/

If you access cPanel's File Manager, you will need to access this folder in order to upload our files.

You will need to assign this domain to your nameservers. The nameservers assigned to your account were sent in the welcome email.

However, if you only want to redirect the A record, you can get the IP in the main cPanel screen (upper left corner).

Updated on: 27/03/2023

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